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Rice is the first fully-autonomous in-door delivery robot for busy environment. Able to operate elevators and navigate around obstacles, Rice works alongside people in diverse and dynamic environments such as logistics, hotels, hospitals, and high rise residential and commercial area, delivering items quickly, safely, and reliably.


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Rice is the safest, most secured autonomous indoor delivery robot for the busy, dynamic environments of logistics. A single-piece-flow solution, Rice autonomously navigates through busy work areas and down narrow aisles, even those too tight for mobile racks, to deliver higher employee satisfaction and more efficient and uniform workflow.



Rice is the solution to the ever-increasing demand for faster delivery. From dinner for four to documents and packages, Rice provides immediate, secure, and reliable apartment and office delivery, even on weekends and holidays. Remarkably safe and always friendly, Rice can improve delivery time and offer delivery when the option wasn’t available before.




Count on Rice to handle the time-consuming task of room deliveries quickly, safely, and reliably. Rice delivers everything from food and beverages to linens and toothpaste, directly to the guest room. More than convenience, Rice delivers the highest level of reliability and security while boosting revenue and productivity. And no tip required!

Rice at your service

Safe, dynamic navigation

Autonomous elevator operation

Fast, reliable, secure

Trackable chain of custody

Rich, real-time metrics

24/7/365 service and support

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Rice Robotics is a pioneer in developing autonomous indoor service robots that work safely, securely, and reliably in human environments to improve people’s live.